Klemmer Educational Consulting


University of Rochester student

I whole heartedly recommend Jane Klemmer as a college advisor. From the initial consultation to the end of the college process, Jane was professional, knowledgeable, well-organized, personable, accessible and a pleasure to work with. Most importantly, she established a wonderful working relationship with our daughter. She very quickly assessed her interests, passions, strengths and weaknesses. With that understanding, Jane was able to provide to us college choices that were creative and fit our parameters. Jane also provided excellent guidance during the grueling essay process and made sure that each essay authentically represented our child. She set up schedules to insure that all of the college deadlines were met. Throughout the entire process, Jane was our daughter’s coach, cheerleader and mentor. Among her college suggestions, Jane recommended the University of Rochester, which was not originally on our radar screen. After visiting the campus, we agreed that the University of Rochester is a great fit for our child. She was spot on!


Carleton College student

Jane's skill and guidance in navigating through the college process, from discovering who you are, planning college visits, organizing applications and discussing decisions, are invaluable! She does all this with warmth and personal attention, making this transitional year doable for all involved. Jane has been a tremendous help and I credit my daughter's success to her mentorship. Thank you so much!


Bates College student

Jane came to us very well recommended, but actually working with her turned out to be far better than we had imagined. Because of Jane, the almost overwhelming college application process was not only kept well organized and highly focused, but it became actually enjoyable since she took a lot of the stress off our family.

Jane didn’t just help our daughter put together a list of colleges for her to consider. Based on our daughter’s likes, academic history, personality, and after meeting the whole family, she put together a complete plan. And if results matter, our daughter was admitted to all the five schools she applied to.

Jane was fantastic in the application process. When we had completed our college visits and our daughter finalized her favorites, Jane guided her through topic selection and editing of the many essays she had to write. Jane also gave us all the information we needed to help us decide if an Early Decision, Early Action or Regular Application was appropriate for us. Jane made sure that our daughter made maximum use of the Common Application to really show the kind of student she is and the kind of active person she is, both in and out of school.

At the end of August we will take our daughter to Maine where she will join the Bates College community - and we will be starting the college process all over again with our high school junior son and know that Jane will be there to help, advise and guide.

Thank you Jane! You are great.


Furman University student

I highly recommend Jane to any family going through this crazy college process as she takes the crazy out of it! Jane provided invaluable guidance and support to my daughter through all stages of the process: from honing in on the most salient factors to look for in a school, to making “the list,” to writing the essay, to submitting applications ahead of time, and finally to making a final decision. What was most outstanding about Jane is her true whole person, student-centered approach: Jane helped my daughter figure out the school that best fits her academically, socially and emotionally. Additionally, while my daughter was officially her “client,” I always felt that she was a great resource for me and someone I could go to for a very educated opinion and a fresh perspective. Her own experiences as a student, business woman, mother, and performer, as well as her passion for helping young adults make Jane a special counselor.


Lehigh University student

Choosing to use a private college counselor was not a decision my husband and I took lightly. We both are well educated in the application process and know a good amount about colleges in the United States. However, we also knew that it was essential to provide our daughter with an objective, intelligent, and experienced counselor through the tough months of college boards, AP classes and tests, and college tours and applications. When we chose Jane Klemmer, we did so not only because we believed she had a deep knowledge about colleges and the differences between them, but even more so because she impressed us with her personal approach as well as her experience in the business and academic worlds. We had every confidence that Jane was a professional who possessed the acumen and the finesse to speak with college admissions personnel in a manner that solicited vital information without ruffling feathers.

Our daughter was not the typical college applicant. She was graduating a year early and was applying to college with only two full years of grades and scores to show admissions. It was critical that we receive honest and applicable information as we were guided through the college application process. Jane adeptly balanced our daughter's academic requirements with our own parental concerns. Having now gone through the entire process, from the summer before junior year to our daughter’s acceptance at her first choice school, we both can say that working with Jane Klemmer was one of the best investments in our daughter's education that we ever made. Jane provides solid writing and editing advice and gives her young clients the time and attention necessary to get to know how they think and what is important to them. Jane takes the time to read and assess each essay and provide suggestions and corrections when necessary. She knew exactly how to balance her own proof-reading acumen with our daughter's strong voice and excellent writing capability.

Most importantly, Jane Klemmer is a personable and exceptionally intelligent professional who knows how to speak to parents, students, and other college professionals in a manner that encourages positive communication and excellent results. Without a doubt, Jane Klemmer played a major role in assisting our daughter to achieve her highest goal to date--acceptance at her first choice, highly selective university.


Loyola University Maryland Honors Program student

Like many parents we wanted to make sure our daughter had every advantage that was available when we set out on her college search. Jane’s guidance helped her decide what kind of school would appeal to her intellect, social and academic style. She created a timeline which helped all of us throughout this enormously complex process. Jane was able to keep us focused on finding a school which was the right fit and helped manage the entire application process. Our daughter was admitted into all of her top schools and loved working with Jane.


University of Pennsylvania student

Jane Klemmer helped make what can seem like the Herculean task of getting college applications completed not only in a timely way, but also in a manner that took much of the stress out of the process. She worked with our son to break the process into digestible chunks that never felt overwhelming. She was able create timetables for completing portions of applications that he could manage amidst a demanding student schedule. In particular, her work with him on his essays drew him out, enabling him to find his 'voice' and present his ideas coherently and with confidence. We look forward to working with her again with our younger child.

Duke University student

THANK YOU! I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me these past few months to make my Duke dream come true. I know I couldn’t have done it without you and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help!


College of William and Mary student

Jane Klemmer was an indispensable ally to our family throughout the college-admission process. Her knowledge, expertise and personalized attention on matters ranging from college choice to essay topics were a huge benefit to us, and played no small part in our daughter being accepted early decision to her first choice.


New York Technical College transfer student to Clark University

Jane earned her fee many times over. I cannot imagine trying to navigate the college selection and application process without her. She has been invaluable to our family. From SAT preparation guidance, to the college selection process, from interview to application preparation advice, she turned a daunting experience into a pleasant adventure. Jane’s professional manner, coupled with her easygoing nature and sensible advice, makes her an essential resource for the entire family facing college-related decisions.


University of Georgia student

This was our second child who worked with Jane and once again, we couldn't have been more pleased with the results! Her knowledge, organization and responsiveness are invaluable during the stressful admissions process. All of these characteristics combined with Jane's uncanny ability to connect with both our sons, has made working with Jane both a worthwhile investment and a complete pleasure.