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Klemmer Educational Consulting


Since 2008, Klemmer Educational Consulting has provided one-on-one higher education advising to U.S. and international students. We tailor our services to each student’s needs, helping them identify their uniqueness and discover the college attributes that are most important to ensure their success.

Our Mission & Vision

Klemmer Educational Consulting is committed to providing guidance throughout your college quest, structure to help you stay organized and focused, and inspiration to discover your voice, tell your unique story, and help you make informed college choices.

Klemmer Educational Consulting

Why Choose Us?

  • WE KNOW COLLEGES, having visited nearly 450 colleges and universities throughout the United States, and in Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • WE GET TO KNOW OUR STUDENTS through regularly-scheduled consulting sessions. We learn about their individual qualities, strengths, needs, and dreams as we guide their search for the best academic, social, and financial fit, and help them uncover and tell their unique story.
  •  WE STAY CURRENT ON TRENDS IN COLLEGE ADMISSION by attending industry conferences, meeting with college deans and directors, and participating regularly in informative webinars and presentations. Our college intelligence means you have real-time access to developments impacting the college landscape.

Customized Guidance

Whether a student is targeting highly selective colleges and universities or seeking an academic environment that provides additional support for success, Klemmer Educational Consulting customizes its comprehensive services to the needs of the individual. We provide guidance through all aspects of the process, from creating a balanced list of appropriate colleges to engaging in brainstorming exercises that lead to well-crafted and compelling essays to provide a sense of each individual, beyond just the grades and numbers.

Recognizing the significant financial investment of a college education today, we counsel students and families on college affordability and integrating the various financial components of college selection - cost, family resources, and different types of financial aid available.

Klemmer Educational Consulting

how we make a difference

At Klemmer Educational Consulting, we are committed to helping students discover and articulate their uniqueness and develop the confidence to speak in their voice and make smart choices. Empowering students to take responsibility during our time working together will carry over to other aspects of their lives, smoothing the transition from high school to college and beyond.