Klemmer Educational Consulting

Klemmer Educational Consulting provides individual consulting services tailored to each student’s particular needs. While the school guidance counselor manages a case load often exceeding 100, we are able to meet with each student weekly during the critical months of the application process and are available by phone or e-mail to respond to questions or specific requests in a timely manner. This personal attention keeps students focused and on track to meet deadlines. Our familiarity with colleges, visiting fifty in any given year, and the time we spend getting to know each student means we are best able to compile a list of appropriate schools and guide the student through all subsequent stages of the process. See Jane's testimonials.

The mission of Klemmer Educational Consulting is to assist students in identifying those colleges and universities that are the right fit for them, given their unique academic performance, talents and social interests and needs. We will help students accentuate their strengths with the ultimate goal of achieving admission to schools where they will thrive and be happy.

By spending the time to get to know each student, we are able to obtain a good understanding of the student’s complete profile, as well as personal interests and wish list for an academic setting where he or she will spend the college years. We will help each student “soul search” so that together we develop a thorough understanding of what types of schools will provide the best fit. We visit numerous colleges throughout the year to stay current on academic and extracurricular offerings and student life as well as understand the profile of a student who is likely to excel in a particular college environment. View the list of colleges Jane has visited.

Our services are primarily offered as a complete package with one fee that covers all aspects of the process. Hourly packages are available to families that seek assistance on individual services outside the comprehensive package.

Choosing an educational consultant is an important investment in your child’s education. The consultant you select must be committed to listening, advising and working with you closely throughout the high school years and college admission process. It is important to meet face-to-face with a consultant before you make your final decision to ensure that the rapport and comfort level are right.

Preparation and planning are critical to a successful college admission outcome, whether it is knowing the best appropriately challenging courses to take in high school, how to approach the college essays, or how to prepare for and feel comfortable in a campus interview. Ideally students and parents should begin to think about many of these issues in grades 9 or 10. However, we can add value to the process at any point during the high school years.

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