Klemmer Educational Consulting, LLC provides a full range of services tailored to the needs of each student. We provide one-on-one guidance in regularly scheduled meetings, either in person or by Skype, to help students stay focused from the planning stages through to the final acceptance decision.  We also provide counseling and assistance on college affordability and integrating the various financial components of college selection: cost, family resources, and types of financial aid available.

Freshmen and Sophomores

Planning the high school years

Applying to college may still be two or three years away, but it is not too early to seek guidance on:

  • Course selection and mapping out a general curriculum plan through senior year
  • Developing interests through extracurricular involvement
  • Finding worthwhile summer programs or activities that will be both enriching and enjoyable
  • Outlining a standardized testing plan
  • Evaluating college affordability and becoming familiar with the college financial aid process

Freshman and sophomore advising is offered on an hourly fee consulting basis.

Juniors and Seniors

The college exploration and application process

We provide guidance, structure and inspiration through each step of the college admission process. Specifically, we:

  • Guide students through the process of discovery to help them uncover or further develop their intellectual interests, talents and curiosities
  • Review the high school transcript and recommend appropriately rigorous courses for each academic year
  • Advise on a standardized testing plan and test prep in order to help students achieve their personal best on the SATs, ACTs and SAT Subject Tests
  • Explore a student’s learning style to help focus the college search on academically appropriate options
  • Compile a list of schools that are well-suited for each student, based on our in-depth evaluation of the academic qualifications, standardized test scores, extra-curricular activities and expressed interests
  • Brainstorm essay topics with students that will enable them to convey their distinct qualities while encouraging them to develop and write in their own voice; Through the essay writing process students will learn the meaning of show, don’t tell so that college admission officers gain insight into each student’s character, values and perspective
  • Prepare students for college interviews to ensure that they are well-informed about each school and confident and sincere in how they present themselves
  • Assist in the development of a resume/activity list which details the range of the student’s involvement in extracurricular activities throughout the high school years
  • Advise on choosing teachers to write recommendations that will add a valuable dimension to the student’s application
  • Develop a well-structured action plan with defined goals and deadlines to help students stay organized
  • Guide families through the financial aid process which includes suggesting strategies for maximizing aid while minimizing the stress of the process
  • Cater to the special needs of the individual student whether that student is an athlete, artist, musician, or someone with a learning or physical disability

Packages for juniors and seniors are offered primarily on a comprehensive fee basis. Hourly packages for specific stages of the process are also available.

At Klemmer Educational Consulting we are committed to helping students discover and articulate their uniqueness and develop the confidence to speak in their own voice and make smart choices. Empowering students to take responsibility during this process will carry over to other aspects of their life, smoothing the transition from high school to college.

Transfer Admissions, GAP Year, Graduate School

Hoping for a different college experience and seeking to transfer? Looking to spend a year immersed in a different environment before heading off to college? Ready to think about graduate school? We will advise you on your search and process to help you identify and apply to programs that are appropriate for you.